Maintenance Requests

It is our mission to keep tenants safe and comfortable. Therefore, response times to Priority I service requests are set accordingly. Priority II requests are not considered emergency needs; however, it is our intention to respond within a reasonable amount of time. Response time goals for Priority I and Priority II requests are outlined below.


Security, Fire and Life Safety  Immediate
Floor, Odor, Burning Smells Immediate
Power Outages Immediate
Noise in HVAC System Immediate
Lighting (Emergency)Immediate
Plumbing (Non-emergency) 4 hours
Door Unlock 15 minutes
Security Escort 15 minutes
OT / Cold (HVAC) Calls (Do not attempt to adjust thermostat.) Within 1 hour
Lighting (Executive’s Office)  1 hour
Lights Out (Building standard fluorescent) 24 hours from notification
Adjust window blinds 24 hours from notification
Building / Parking Card Access Changes or Issuance of New Card(s) Same day response if submitted by 10:00 AM


Work Orders are used when a tenant makes non-building standard requests. Requests that require a Work Order are billable to the tenant. An approved Work Order form must be received before work can begin.

A supervisor may contact the tenant within 24 hours to discuss the Work Order request and will provide a response time frame to the tenant at that time.

Hang Pictures / Marker Boards Within 3-5 days
Above Standard Lights 24 hours from notification
Above Standard Plumbing (Non-Emergency) 4 hours from notification
Above Standard Plumbing (Large Repairs) 48-72 hours from notification
Re-key Office Doors  24-48 hours from notification

Our goal is to consistently adhere to the above referenced response standards. However, in the event requests are of a serious or complicated nature, response times may be longer.

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