Emergencies and disasters occur without warning. It is for this reason that Williams Square Management has prepared this manual. It will assist you in training and equipping your employees with the information necessary to effectively administer emergency procedures.

Failure to adequately prepare for emergencies can result in unnecessary loss of life and property, as well as employee productivity.

This manual contains quick reference information, checklist procedures, and how to report an emergency. Please familiarize yourself and your employees with this material.

Our objective is to provide advanced training to assist you in effectively administering your duties in an emergency, without unnecessary delay and uncertainty.

In the event your fire warden assignment ends and another individual assumes this responsibility for your office, it is very important the name of the replacement fire warden be provided to the Williams Square Management Office for record keeping purposes. Further, this manual should be transferred to the replacement fire warden. Requests for replacement or additional manuals may be made through the Williams Square Management Office by calling (972) 869-5900 during business hours.

We appreciate your commitment to serve as a fire warden.