Two emergency stairwells serve each tower at Williams Square. They are located in the east and west ends of the Central Tower and the north and south ends of the East, West and Bank Towers. Each of these stairwells run from the roof level to the plaza and down to the B-1 level.

Tenants should note the location of the stairwell nearest their office for emergency use. Stairwells are pressurized so that in the event smoke is present; fans will activate to clear the stairs for safe exit. This is why stairwell doors should remain closed at all times. For security reasons, stairwell doors are locked from the inside during business hours. During fire alarms, these doors automatically open.

For emergency use, security phones are located in the stairwells on the 23rd, 18th, 13th, 8th and 3rd floors of the Central Tower, the 13th, 8th and 3rd floors of the East and West Towers and the 3rd floor of the Bank Tower. These phones automatically dial the Security Command Center when the receiver is lifted.