1. Assemble your co-workers in a single file line. Close, but do not lock, doors behind you. Check common areas (restrooms and conference rooms, etc.), for your assigned area to ensure no one is left behind.
  2. Ensure your co-workers remain calm and quiet. Listen for public address system announcements for important information.
  3. The fire stairwells are the planned descent from the building. The elevators will be taken out of service.
  4. Proceed in an orderly manner to the nearest fire stairwell unless instructed otherwise by emergency personnel.
  5. Notify the fire department or building security of individuals requiring special assistance during evacuation. This can be done by notifying the alternate fire warden, or by telephone. Take individuals requiring special assistance to the fire stairwell and hold them inside the landing. The Fire Department will carry them to safety.
  6. Under certain circumstances it may not be necessary to evacuate the entire building. In these instances, you will be notified via the public address system, your assigned emergency leader, or by building personnel to descend to a certain floor.
  7. Please refer to the floorplan located in this section depicting emergency exits on your floor.
  8. When you are outside, walk upwind if possible, and get away from the building. Do not get in an automobile and block traffic. Stay clear and away from the fire lane and local authorities.
  9. Upon exiting the building, ensure your co-workers stay away from the building entrances.
  10. Preplan your designated exterior meeting place and communicate its location to all co-workers in your group/company. Plan an alternate meeting location as well. Ensure your meeting place is located away from the building.
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